Wall Banners

What is Wall Banners?

Wall Banner is an old method of advertisement which is used in the present day also. Wall Banners are generally used in some events which look appropriate. It comes in a variety of sizes and shapes with different materials. Also, it is designed very colorfully and the text is written with bold letters to highlight the brand, product, or company’s name. Wall banners are generally framed in aluminum and it usually comes in a poster canvas size. It is used for advertisements or outdoors. To highlight the poster at night time, LEDs are put on the backside of the banner and the electric connections are made outside of the aluminum frame. Wall Banners are used for advertisements for those things where multiple information is given. It is a temporary method of advertisement and hence can be removed anytime you want and replaced with a new one.

Why do you need Wall Banners?

Wall Banners come in different shapes and sizes as mentioned earlier and also are showcased in different ways. According to it, wall banner is of many types including:

       Wall banner


       Wall hangers

       Wall Pole

       Lamp Poster

In these types of banners, the only difference is how it is placed and used in different places for promotion. The reason to choose wall banners is it’s a versatile method for advertisement. And, the interesting thing about wall banners is they can be used both indoors and outdoor. The materials used are very shiny and are made of canvas material with a silky finish. These wall banners come in a very affordable price range. There is no fixed rate for the installation of the banner. The cost of designing depends on the size and shape of the wall banner. For installation of the banner, hardware is necessary.

Hurry Up! And feel free to contact us anytime you want a banner for events or promotions. After you appoint us, you have to give all the necessary information that has to be put on the banner, and then your banner will be all set to display.


Why should you buy Wall Banners with GTA Parking Signs?

For your problems, we GTA Parking Signs have come up with customized wall banners. If you are planning to put banners in any event or exhibition or any advertisement for a product, brand, or company you can simply go for a wall banner as those are very attractive. The design depends on your required theme. Our trained professionals will work according to your requirements. Till now, none of our clients are disappointed with our work as we believe in quality and quick service and give no space to complain. We assure you that you and your brand will shine after you promote with the help of wall banners. Though wall banners are still made manually, it looks very classy with a silky finish. In any event, wall banners look very attractive and make a different atmosphere. We are one of the best-customized banner printing companies in Toronto and the surrounding area. We provide our service mainly in Toronto and neighboring areas like Greater Toronto, Ontario.