Sandwich Board Signs

What is Sandwich Board Signs?

Sandwich Board Sign is a type of signboard used for advertisement. It is a board with two sides writing and two rectangle shapes facing opposite each other forming a triangle shape. The name sandwich is given as it looks like a sandwich and an advertisement can be written on both sides. It is a very old advertising method used in the 19th century and till now it is continuing. It comes in a variety of sizes and is colorful with different fonts. GTA Parking Sign has come up with the service to provide you with the best quality sandwich board sign. We are providing you with your customized signboard as per your business needs. Sandwich Board Signs are mainly used outside any shop or stall, any business advertisements on the street, concert halls, conference halls, and many more.

What is Sandwich Board Signs?

Cardboards, Paperboards, plyboards, and fiber boards are generally used in sandwich signboards. There are several benefits of a sandwich signboard. Sandwich signboards can be used locally i.e., on-street, outside any shop. It is affordable and comes in a reasonable price range. This signboard is generally used for promotion purposes. It is reusable and can be used multiple times at different places. So, if you are a business owner of any type and want to show off your brand, product or company then contact us and we will design an appropriate advertisement signboard for you as your required theme.


Why should you buy Sandwich Board Signs with GTA Parking Signs?

One question may arise that why the GTA Parking sign should be hired to design a sandwich board sign and the reason is very to the point as we believe in quality, not quantity. And also, we try our best to fulfill our customer’s needs. As soon as you appoint us and will give us your design, our well-trained professionals will design your signboard. Also, you have to mention what type of business you want the signboard for. The fonts and colors will be of your choice.

We provide our service mainly in Toronto and surrounding areas like Ontario, Greater Toronto Area. So, if you are from this area or the surrounding area, you can contact us immediately. We give timely service. Now, let us come to the types of Sandwich Signboards. So, there are two types of Sandwich Board signs:

       Carried Version



1.    Carried Version- Carried Version sandwich boards are generally put on a man's shoulder where one side is at his front and another side at his back and he has to balance it. Sometimes, the man with the signboard use slogans to grab the attention of the public.

2.    A-Board- This type is used in front of any stores, stalls, or streets for advertisement purposes. The name A-Board is given as the signboard looks like ‘A’. In A-Board you can give advertisements for your business, products, or websites.