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Importance of Parking Signs in Vehicle Park Management

Signage is regarded as one of the primary contributors if you want to manage vehicle parks effectively. Importance of Parking Signs in vehicle management is more than what we think. Car park signs help to send a notification to drivers about peculiar terms as well as conditions to enhance revenue and its applications. Moreover, it also lowers acts and problems of unauthorized parking.

Whenever your car park welcomes a driver, he also signs an agreement with either the car park management company or you to follow all the terms and conditions of the park. Drivers should have the ability to notice or find that your terms and conditions are suitable to them from the beginning.

Getting parking signs right in-vehicle car management isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a wide range of things to consider during the creation of signage which includes complying with relevant regulatory/statutory needs as well as ensuring the right use of the car parking via unambiguous terminology.

What is the importance of Parking Signs?

The role of entrance signs is vital when it comes to initiating a parking contract between the owner of the car park, yourself as well as the driver for helping to deter not only trespassers but also unauthorised parking.

It’s important that by whom the car park is being managed and the required terms as well as conditions a driver should know. The format of entrance signs is standardized and the size of a sign is expected to account for the speed of every vehicle that’s approaching the car park.

Entrance signs should depict the kind of park and in which mode and when the driver should pay for using the car park. The specific type of parking terms signage informs every driver of the general parking charges along with terms and conditions.

The situation of such kind of signage is required on the overall car park, so before parking, they are made aware of every conditioning to avoid any issues. The signs which would depict brief terms and conditions should be around 450mm x 450mm.

What are the necessary things to consider while creating car park signs?

As per the above details, there are a lot of factors to consider for the creation of signs for ensuring smooth management of car parking. Some of the important things are mentioned below:-


  1. Should be clear and on point

Every signage should be as clear as possible. It’s important since it’s one of the essential keys and it should make an impact on the driver. Creating it in a limited space adds an advantage.

All applicable charges, as well as opening times, must be a part of the parking signs. Conveying every restriction is important for applying to the car park at any point in time.


  1. Including both directions and restrictions

Along with important restrictions, good signage constitutes strong and useful directional information. These directions might be clear to the nearby pay and display machine, parking meter or instructions on how a driver should make the payment by phone.

It should also include the proper directions to specific areas for specific users of the car park or include information on particular car parks in your vicinity for enhancing the overall use.

Some people also consider branding their signs to showcase the logo along with the space of their company.


  1. Identification of dedicated spaces and restricted areas

Signs should indicate not only restricted areas but also dedicated parking spaces for making the management of the car park as efficient as possible.



Car park signs provide the opportunity to notify every driver of every term and condition for enhancing the overall parking experience. GTA Parking Signs is one of the parking signs manufacturer in Canada. If you are looking for any help related to parking signs, you can connect with us.