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stop signs in toronto

Parking signs are used to describe a particular and important message to the driver in the parking zone. And, customized signage is used for the business growth of your respective company and brand. It’s a kind of business strategy that business owners use. Proper signage is very important and detailing must be done in a proper way otherwise it may cause several issues including accidents. Proper shape and appropriate colour must be used to attract the public. Parking signs can be displayed on a board or any device. Now, customized parking signs are made according to the aim of your business. Are you searching for a digital printing company who will design parking signage for you? Do you want your signage to have the latest designs and layout? Don’t worry! GTA Parking Sign is there at your service. We are a team of talented and professional designers who would design according to your brand’s needs.

If you are from Canada or the surrounding area you can freely contact us. There are several signage design and printing companies in Canada but you may ask what makes us so unique and what makes us stand out of all? Okay! So, we are well-experienced and have experience for a long time period. Not only in Canada but also, we provide our service in Ontario, Toronto, Pickering and the surrounding area. There are a few reasons for which you should appoint us are as follows:

  • We provide our service across Canada.
  • We use the best quality materials so that they can withstand Canadian weather. It is made with rust-proof aluminum to make it last for a long period of time and also high quality digital graphics are used.
  • We have capabilities to provide you with customized designed signage according to the aim and need of your brand. We also offer printed output service to the graphic designers and wholesellers.
  • Our main aim is to satisfy customers and give them timely delivery as mentioned during hiring.

Our products include floor decals, warning signs, French signs, parking control & property sign, regulatory sign, temporary condition signs, wall decal, traffic sign and many more.

There are mainly two types of parking signs available- Standard type printing and Engineer type reflective printing. There are many latest designs available to be ordered from our online store, you just need to browse our catalogue and choose the one that suits your very needs.


If your message is to be rephrased and more direct to your specific need, you can also consult our design department about the design and layout you want on your sign board. Then, after you have provided all the necessary information that needs to be included on the sign board there is a proofing processing period that may take some time to add or delete as customer’s preference, up to two or three proofs, please note that any printing won’t start until the proof (s) has been expressed as approved to start production. After this whole proofing process, our printing professionals will start their work accordingly. If you are still having any doubt, you can have a look on the catalogue which is available at our official site.

In other words, the idea to have an existing catalogue online is to expedite the artwork/proofing process with the intention to have your goods on your doorstep faster. Is not a bad idea to always have a look of what is presented in our catalogue, before ordering custom design, it can definitely save some substantial time.

Before making a parking sign you should keep several important points in mind. The sign boards should be neat, clear and to the point. Directions and the provided instructions should be printed clear using correct combinations of colours of text/graphics versus background of the sign. The signs used should be appropriate so that drivers and pedestrians can understand it at first.

Parking signs are very essential on parking areas and if you are still in doubt how to print it then contact us. GTA Parking Sign is always there for your help.



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